Stop Motion

March 24, 2010

…recently the dreamer faction of my person has been quite taken with stop motion.  My recent find is A Fine Frenzy’s video “Lost Things.”  Any time your hair becomes a tree that blooms flowers-turned-teacups, you know magic abounds.

I have to say that my friend, Colleen found another stop motion worthy of mention:  Oren La Vie’s “Her Morning Elegance.”  You should travel away to you tube it…after the post.

Perhaps stop motion leaves more to mystery than most.  It gives pause to allow imagination to grow and twinkle before moving on… I kind of wish I had a wand that allowed stop motion reality.  Just a moment’s pause between the time we scramble to fill.  I wish there was just a slight pause, to consider.  Perhaps, that’s why I like tea so much.  Tea kettle tea.  Steeped tea.  It’s an art that requires time.

But back to music:   I’m finding myself pretty surprised to say this:  music has been a new inspiration of late.  Usually, I enjoy the silence, but there’s something about hearing the air dance around you.  Here are a few new things I’m listening to now:

Bon Iver, Andrew Belle, Massive Attack, Trent Dabbs, Amethystium, and the ever classic Iron and Wine…


One Response to “Stop Motion”

  1. Colleen Says:

    “stop motion.” i like that, lovely. and i can’t take credit for that video, btw. that was all sarah j’s finding. i just posted it and claimed it as my own genius.

    love love.

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