mornings renewed

March 30, 2010

Most artists are creatures of the night.  I guess I’m different.  I can only get my mind going in the morning.  Today,  I allowed myself a creation binge.  This week is my “renewal” week, afterall.  Among items made:  ribbon and cloth snap rings, a plethora of notes, some embroidery, sketches and some words.  I wish I could hang my creations around my neck as a reminder of joy to wear throughout the day.  Alas, there are always pictures.  Below are a few of  today’s trinkets:  a little orb full of colorful nesting materials for the birds outside (left overs from winter knitting and sewing projects), a bird on a branch (cheers to the resurrected 6B graphite and smudger tools), and a piece of a note.  I’m going to take the larger bird and play with watercolors tomorrow, perhaps.


One Response to “mornings renewed”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oooh, pretties! Can’t wait to see the water color. Love the little bird nesting materials. 🙂

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