My Dad calls it the Foo Bird.

April 1, 2010

Worms.  Have you ever taken time to consider them?  Aside from being the provision of slimy grossness that boys use to chase girls, worms  are quite the extaordinary living thing.

This week, I’ve been more than usually taken with the little under earth creatures.  It all started with our watching the documentary No Impact Man.  The film is about a family who takes on the challenge of attaining a zero net impact on the earth.  A fantastic watch even/especially  for the environmental skeptic.  In the film, the family decides to compost in a little New York apartment with the help of, you guessed it, worms.  I bet you didn’t know a few worms could eat 3lbs of food excrement in one week, did you?

And then yesterday, as I was soaking up a little bit of sun and pulling weeds and such from the landscaping, I noted the worms.  The wee little worms wrapped around the roots of plants, the unnoticed workhorses of the world.  I held them in my hands (gloved, I’m not that brave!) and just watched them for a while  I even lost track of time in wonder.

The Nature’s Magic Award goes to them, and most certainly NOT the bird that shat on me as I later lied in my hammock.


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