April 13, 2010

I heard the call of birds and considered.

It is good for we humans to be in nature.  To be influenced by the world of beings that only honor the sun and night and leanings of their bodies.  It is good to be reminded of the rhythms we build walls to avoid.  We create light and new night patterns neither nocturnal or otherwise.  And, all for the sake of our own “progress.”  But what of the sweet harmony, the natural ecstasy that comes with living off of the land?  By being part of the circadian melodies instead of just observing them.  By being secure under the seamless blanket of night skies…


Worms.  Have you ever taken time to consider them?  Aside from being the provision of slimy grossness that boys use to chase girls, worms  are quite the extaordinary living thing.

This week, I’ve been more than usually taken with the little under earth creatures.  It all started with our watching the documentary No Impact Man.  The film is about a family who takes on the challenge of attaining a zero net impact on the earth.  A fantastic watch even/especially  for the environmental skeptic.  In the film, the family decides to compost in a little New York apartment with the help of, you guessed it, worms.  I bet you didn’t know a few worms could eat 3lbs of food excrement in one week, did you?

And then yesterday, as I was soaking up a little bit of sun and pulling weeds and such from the landscaping, I noted the worms.  The wee little worms wrapped around the roots of plants, the unnoticed workhorses of the world.  I held them in my hands (gloved, I’m not that brave!) and just watched them for a while  I even lost track of time in wonder.

The Nature’s Magic Award goes to them, and most certainly NOT the bird that shat on me as I later lied in my hammock.

mornings renewed

March 30, 2010

Most artists are creatures of the night.  I guess I’m different.  I can only get my mind going in the morning.  Today,  I allowed myself a creation binge.  This week is my “renewal” week, afterall.  Among items made:  ribbon and cloth snap rings, a plethora of notes, some embroidery, sketches and some words.  I wish I could hang my creations around my neck as a reminder of joy to wear throughout the day.  Alas, there are always pictures.  Below are a few of  today’s trinkets:  a little orb full of colorful nesting materials for the birds outside (left overs from winter knitting and sewing projects), a bird on a branch (cheers to the resurrected 6B graphite and smudger tools), and a piece of a note.  I’m going to take the larger bird and play with watercolors tomorrow, perhaps.

Stop Motion

March 24, 2010

…recently the dreamer faction of my person has been quite taken with stop motion.  My recent find is A Fine Frenzy’s video “Lost Things.”  Any time your hair becomes a tree that blooms flowers-turned-teacups, you know magic abounds.

I have to say that my friend, Colleen found another stop motion worthy of mention:  Oren La Vie’s “Her Morning Elegance.”  You should travel away to you tube it…after the post.

Perhaps stop motion leaves more to mystery than most.  It gives pause to allow imagination to grow and twinkle before moving on… I kind of wish I had a wand that allowed stop motion reality.  Just a moment’s pause between the time we scramble to fill.  I wish there was just a slight pause, to consider.  Perhaps, that’s why I like tea so much.  Tea kettle tea.  Steeped tea.  It’s an art that requires time.

But back to music:   I’m finding myself pretty surprised to say this:  music has been a new inspiration of late.  Usually, I enjoy the silence, but there’s something about hearing the air dance around you.  Here are a few new things I’m listening to now:

Bon Iver, Andrew Belle, Massive Attack, Trent Dabbs, Amethystium, and the ever classic Iron and Wine…

Snow Dino

February 7, 2010

It’s never too late to start acting like a kid again.  The one thing that always amazes me about children is that they tend make the best of (snowy) situations.  They pay no never-mind to inconvenience- cold ears/face/hands/toes don’t faze them, and they have crazy amounts of energy to DO the things they dream up.  Pretty inspirational, huh?

Today was one of those days that I was acting too much like a grown up; curling up in blankets, drinking coffee and scrooge-ing about the recent midwest blizzard. I. was. so. ready. for. spring. And, I was tired of having to bundle up just to take the dog out… which is what I was doing when my attitude had a reality check.  We were standing, shivering and sniffing as the bus dropped off the kiddos.  And like a virus, the contageous shouting began.

“We’re in a winter wonderland!”  was the chorus that seemed to be in surround sound as all the neighborhood kiddies dispersed to drop off their backpacks at their respective homes.  Who can keep a scowl around with that sort of thing in the air?  Not me.

So… I began preparations to join them in their magical thought.  It was time for Dino to visit.  Dino (as in Dee-no, the Flintstones’ family pet) is a snow creation invented by my Dad.  Home Dog is a hopelessly creative, believer in dreams sort of fellow.  Our Snow Dinos of old were complete with food coloring.  This year, I wasn’t QUITE that ambitious, but had the right spirit at least.  Dino began with a snowball bigger than me.  I actually had to wait for my Hubby to come home to help me push it.

The masses of neighbor kids shouted in awe, guessing what it was.  “It’s a LONG-NECK!” exclaimed one little boy before we were even 50% complete.   He got it.  Even a few grown-ups came over to marvel.  And when we were finished, the kids who inspired the young in my heart came over to ride Dino.

Lesson learned:  dream on!

February 5, 2010

I am beginning the deviation from my moleskine.  But, no, I am not quitting my moleskine.  I love it too much-along with the shelves of others and the sprinkles of handmade pondering places.  I need these spaces- for paper scraps, minute observations, thought processing, and for something tangable… My moleskine is my mind on paper, to be shared at random with select few, but never in full.  But, I’m seeing that there is a purpose for a blog…it is to be known.  to achieve a sense of community. to share those things that inspire me in an attempt to inspire others.